Our Impact

313Reads is a collective impact initiative so we understand that both data outcomes and partner experience show successful impact. The work has to make population-level impact supported by data and feel good for everyone involved.

313Reads exists to support and lift up the success of our partners and the impactful moments they share! Here are some of our success stories!

Data Related Success Stories:

The evaluation report for the 2018 summer pilot (Lenhoff) found that 484 students across 4 partners and 11 program sites were engaged in 7,001 tutoring sessions, 80% experienced no reading loss. All providers demonstrated significant prevention of summer learning loss.

The evaluation of 313Reads will continue with both a literacy evaluator and with Poverty Solutions. The latter is developing a Community Impact Scorecard to serve as a citywide dashboard to track progress on impact metrics determined by 313Reads Coordinate Council and evaluators.

313Reads Impact By Numbers

Partner Experience Success Stories

“Developing K.I.D.S. is a nonprofit organization in Detroit providing afterschool and summer programming for youth at no cost to them. The youth programs work toward outcomes for the participants to thrive academically and socially with emotional support and access to meaningful opportunities. Our Youth Service Coordinators facilitate high-quality programming with a focus on literacy in the summer.

Though youth are often unimpressed and sad about the task of reading over the summer, the staff creates a fun and joyful experience that the youth look forward to daily. Destynee and Lauryn have shared a few stories of the initial encounter with youth for DIBELS testing as they began their journey of storytime for the summer.”

Kim JohnsonFounder, President, and CEO, Developing K.I.D.S.
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Nicholas is a new participant with Developing KIDS. Before he got a chance to truly meet us, he was scheduled for a DIBELS test online. When he first joined the Zoom, he felt really discouraged. I was able to encourage him to try his best because we were here to help him improve and become even smarter over the summer. His attitude changed about taking the reading test and he did a really good job. He is one of the most active online campers!

DestyneeYouth Services Coordinator & Summer Site Coordinator,
Developing K.I.D.S.

Amare was scheduled for a DIBELS Test last week. When he first logged on he was kind of disappointed to be in the meeting without any other kids, but he quickly lit up when he found out he would be reading stories. During our test, he wanted to read all the passages and I let him. He and I quickly built a relationship. By the end of the test, I don't think he wanted to leave. Taking the DIBELS test encouraged him to attend his next session.

LaurynYouth Services Coordinator,
Developing K.I.D.S.

“Working with 313Reads has been tremendously helpful. Much of our growth has happened alongside our participation in 313Reads. Center for Success has a lot of educators on our team, so we know about teaching literacy and how to administer assessments, but there are all these other pieces that affect our ability to support our students. Working with 313Reads, we get to see what our partners are doing with attendance, early literacy, family engagement, and many other things. We learn from their leading practices or we have a list of referrals we trust to share with families. We can help where our strengths are too! It also takes so much pressure off to work with people who understand everything that goes into supporting literacy. Even applying for funding is easier when there is this structure of all the necessary parts clearly displayed by 313Reads.”

Andrea MeyerExecutive Director, Center for Success