313Speaks: Partners & Funders

What is 313Speaks?

313Speaks is an effort designed to improve early childhood outcomes in neighborhoods impacted by poverty by supporting parents and caregivers in learning tools to support their young children’s language development, which is the foundation of early literacy development. 313Speaks is based on the Language Environmental Analysis (LENA) Start program, which measures a child’s exposure to words and conversation using “talk pedometers.”

313Speaks has been shown to:

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Program Types

There are 4 types of programs offered through 313Speaks; they all share an emphasis on supporting parents to serve as their children’s first teachers of language and literacy through family-centered approaches.

1. LENA Start

1. LENA Start is an evidence-based community program designed to engage parents and caregivers by teaching them ways to increase word use in conversations with their children during the first few years of life.

2. LENA Home

2. LENA Home provides an innovative way to support home visitors working to help their families add an increased focus on talk and positive interactions. LENA Home supports home visitors working with parents of children ages 0-3 and is based on experience with thousands of families.

3. 313Speaks Virtual Playgroups

3. 313Speaks Virtual Playgroups use a unique curriculum that provides information, modeling and coaching, as well as social connections to support the child’s brain and language development, building on families’ strengths. Playgroups will focus on talking, reading and singing with babies and toddlers across eight sessions, allowing for on-the-spot practicing.

4. LENA Grow

4. LENA Grow is an innovative, research-based professional development program for infant, toddler, and pre-k teachers. Measuring the most predictive elements of child outcomes, LENA Grow supports stakeholders at every level, helping teachers gain the skills to measurably improve classroom quality by boosting interactions and helping leadership make more informed planning and policy decisions.


For information about joining 313Speaks as a program partner, please contact 313Speaks@brilliantdetroit.org.